Get to know more about SIDE.

Sunny Side is a cheerful beach resort within easy reach of Antalya International Airport.  Side, Antalya is suitable for year round living and also makes a great holiday home destination, thanks to its family friendly atmosphere, lovely sandy beaches and perfect Mediterranean climate.   


In Side’s long history it has been occupied by Alexander the Great, the Greeks and the Romans, thanks to its status as one of the region’s most important trading centres. Today you can still see the relics of its ancient past outside the main centre and around the town – these are internationally recognised as some of the most important ruins in Asia Minor.

Side (which means ‘pomegranate’) is very popular with families because of its calm, sandy beach and wealth of things to do. Property in Side, Turkey is affordable and within walking distance of the beach, and general costs are low.


Side is located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, just 75 kilometres from Antalya City featuring in the vast province of Antalya.  Side is situated within very easy reach of Belek, Turkey's main golf resort and Manavgat town, where famous Manavgat waterfalls are located.  The coastline is sandy and there are idyllic villages when one drives only 5 to 10 minutes inland.  


The old town centre is located on a rocky promontory jutting into the ocean, with three kilometres of golden sands stretching out from the town on each side. The beach is gentle and shelves away gradually, good for paddling. North of the town centre you’ll find a large ancient amphitheatre and a bathhouse, where told Antony and Cleopatra used to meet.  Behind the town centre you’ll find the wide, pleasant streets that comprise Side’s residential area which has been settled by both locals and foreigners.



Side’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with long, hot and dry summers followed by extremely mild winters. It can get extremely hot in Side during the months of July and August, so be careful to stay out of the direct sunshine in the hottest part of the day when temperatures can reach 35 degrees celsius. Side’s mild winters have a low rainfall, concentrated mainly in the months November to March. Side’s weather is a huge factor for the numbers of expats who settle here.


Side’s population is small, with only around 4000 permanent residents. In the summer months the population swells to the tens of thousands, with visitors from all over Europe, especially the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. There is a small but cohesive expat community who choose to live in Side all year round.



Life in Side is idyllic. As well as the obligatory excellent beaches and 300 days of sunshine you’d expect on this part of the coast, you can also find good shops, restaurants, cafes, a weekly market and a stable population of locals and expats.

Crucially, the cost of housing is low here. You can still buy a decent apartment on a shared complex within walking distance of the beach for around Euro 70,000. Fees and utility prices are generally low, and rental prospects are good if you’re looking to earn some extra income from your property.

A large draw for expats moving here is Side’s proximity to Antalya City, where you can find some of the best hospitals in Turkey, large shopping malls and supermarkets, and an international airport that connects you to Europe and the wider Middle East all year round.