How We Started that Successful Story

SHAMA TOURS travel company that was established in 2010 in Antalya/TURKEY
developing the entire range of tourist services. Shama Tour is also partner of Pilot Tourtravel company which is established on 1988 in Egypt.

SHAMA TOURS, founded in early 2010, aims to become one of the most modern travel agenciesin Turkey in terms of tourism. The executives that make up the administration of the Organization, have had a leading position in the travel and tourism industry. Based on their hightheoretical training, expertise and experience, our executives are one of the key success factors and an important asset for the operation, the quality of the project, the objectives and the company's perspective.

SHAMA TOURS successfully cooperating with Middle Eastern (Egypt,Tunusia,Algeria,Jordan etc.) Countries and tour opeartors for long years. We know high expections of Arabic tourits and we believe that we can make them happy.We welcome our customer with kind hospitality with our experienced team who speak native Arabic, English and Turkish languages.

You can travel through a whole Turkey with us. Our tourists pro?le is mainly Arabic.
Our packages are designed after paying full attention on every minute detail of the place ensuring complete information on place, people, food and art. The complete insight of the destination makes the journey experience more memorable.

SHAMA TOURS is one of the best agency who provide direct charter ?ight from Antalya to Cairo. On otherside all summer long we o?er holiday packages from Cairo to Antalya and From Cairo to Istanbul with direct charter ?ights.